Winters Coming. Are you prepared.

Weather can be unexpected. leaving you with out power.

Be prepared or get out of a jam in a pinch.

At Medfield Electric we have available portable generators at very decent rental rates. whether planed to be with out power or due to anything unexpected reach out to us and we can arrange to get you powered back up.

Unit : Dewalt 420cc 7Kw Commercial Generator



  • Smart run-time meter shows fuel level and time remaining at current power level
  • Wattage meter gives instant feedback on how much power is being used
  • Idle control conserves fuel and reduces noise on the job site
  • Never Flat, durable wheels for maximum portability and durability
  • Electric start provides hassle-free start-up
  • Covered outlets for protection from the elements and rugged working conditions
  • Hardened 1 1/4 in. Steel Tube Cradle – for added durability and strength
  • Hour meter tracks maintenance intervals
  • Fold-down/locking handle for sturdy portability and compact storage
  • Available lifting eye kit allows for easy movement around the job-site


Frame Type2-Wheel Cage
Run Time (50% Load)11 Hours
Power SourceGas
Wattage (Rated)7000
Engine MakeDewalt
Weight192 lbs.
Wattage (Max.)8750
Fuel TypeGasoline
Voltage RegulationNo
Alternator TypeBrushed
Starter TypeElectric/Recoil
Length30 in.
Case IncludedNo
Fuel Tank Capacity7.5 gal
Height29 in.
Wheel TypeNever-Go-Flat
Engine Displacement420cc
Outlet Type(s)5-42R, L5-0R, TT-0R
Width28.5 in.
No. of Outlets3

Calculate Total Power Output Required.
Once you have decided the type of generator that best meets your needs you then need to calculate the power output that you require depending on the appliances that you intend to use. This task may seem a little daunting but is actually quite simple. The following 4 steps will help you achieve this.

A. Identify the tools and appliances that you will power from the Generator

B. Determine the required wattage for each item.

C. Total the wattage required to power your identified items simultaneously. (Allowing extra for motor starting). However, if you have an appliance with a high wattage but will not be used continuously this can be considered in your calculation. (Example) When in your caravan, turn your lights and TV off when you need to use the microwave!!

D. Choose a Generator that has continuous rated watts that meets or exceeds this total.

Wattage Table.
To help you identify the wattage of the tools and appliances that you need to power from the Generator please use this table. However, please note that the watt’s shown are only an average recommendation, therefore please check your items before use.

Appliance Watts
Fluorescent Lamp35w
Light Bulb40/60/100w
Control Heating Pump100w
Palm Sander175w
Radio / Hi-Fi200w
Slow Cooker 
Colour TV*250w
String Trimmer 
Bench Grinder400w
13mm Drill 
Orbital Sander450w
Floor Lamp500w
Hedge Trimmer 
4″ Angle Grinder550w
1/3 HP Airless Sprayer600w
13mm Hammer Drill 
Deep Freezer**700w
Hammer Drill 
Appliance Watts
5″ Circular Saw750w
5″ Angle Grinder1000w
Lawn mower 10″ Hover 
Belt Sander1050w
Vacuum Cleaner1100w
Coffee Maker1200w
Steam Iron1250w
Cement Mixer1320w
10-16″ Chain Saw1500w
600w Microwave 
Hot Air Gun 
Portable Heater 
8″ Floor Sander2000w
Air Compressor**2200w
12″ Grinder2500w
Fan Heater3000w
Arc Welder -130A**3500w
1HP Pressure Washer 
Washing Machine4000w


Motor Starting is an important consideration when buying a Generator. Keep in mind that induction-type motors, like those that run sump pumps, refrigerators and compressors typically require 2-3 times their listed running watts to start